PROTECT your Steam Boilers and SAVE Money with HydroFLOW

HydroFLOW Water Conditioners are saving companies thousands of dollars in utility expenses during the heating season. Isn’t it time you started saving!

Designed to replace conventional water treatment methods in high pressure steam boilers, HydroFLOW Water Conditioners remove existing limescale, prevent new scale and inhibit corrosion. And HydroFLOW does it with NO Chemicals, so the are Eco Friendly.

Scale build up in boilers inhibit their ability to transfer heat efficiently. Just 1/8 inch of scale can reduce heat transfer by as much as 20 percent. Scale wastes energy, shortens the life of the boiler and increases maintenance expenses. Scale needs to be controlled to ensure the boiler is running at peak performance. HydroFLOW will solve your scaling problem and Save you Money.

Cost of Scale-Boilers

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