Salt – No Salt 

To Soften, Or Not To Soften…

Minerals in drinking water are beneficial to good health, however the aesthetic effects caused by hardness are the most common reasons most people soften water. The typical equipment used for this purpose is the ion exchange softener, or salt water softener. Softening is accomplished with synthetic resin media by exchanging ions of calcium and magnesium that contribute to hardness with ions of sodium. Although this method of softening can produce water with zero hardness, it is important to understand the limitations of the process.

  • Homes that use these devices show elevated levels of lead and copper in the plumbing system due to the aggressive nature of the softened water.
  • Ion exchange softeners increase the sodium content of the treated water and may be potentially harmful to persons that are on sodium-restricted diets. People should limit or restrict the amount of softened water they consume or use for food preparation.
  • The softening process removes the chlorine residual from the water and may accelerate bacteria growth within the plumbing system.
  • The disposal of spent brine solution and rinse water from softener regeneration is becoming a major problem and can impact wastewater treatment facilities and septic systems. Softener byproducts are corrosive to material they contact and possess varying toxic levels in relationship with the environment.

(source: North Wales Water Authority, North Wales, PA)

HydroFLOW S38 for homes

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