Take a tour of your home, look at your shower heads and faucets. The white substance you see is most likely limescale. Not only is it damaging your fixtures but it’s costing you more money than you may realize. Now look at all the appliances and systems you have that you can’t see the inside of – your water heater (read more), boiler, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker,  water pipes and so on and so on. Just think of what limescale is doing to the inside of them. According to some studies limescale reduces their performance by as much as 30% or more and shortens their life.

Our world wide patented HydroFLOW products can protect your plumbing system and appliances , and Save You Money. HydroFLOW products are a technologically advanced water conditioning system that dissolve and remove existing limescale, prevent accumulation  of new limescale and inhibit corrosion. And they are Salt FREE and Chemical FREE, so  they are Eco Friendly. 

HydroFLOW products are extremely affordable. In fact, our residential products pay for themselves in as little as 10 months by lowering energy consumption, increasing the performance of your plumbing system and appliances, extending their life and reducing maintenance.

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